Adam Swift

Ipswich Chiropractor Breaks Push Up Record

IPSWICH —Most people hitting their 40th high school reunion would be rightly pleased if they laced up the running shoes to compete in a 5K, or did an extra couple of laps at the pool. But Ipswich resident Dr. Joe DeMarco, a former Revere resident and Class of ‘82...

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Newburyport boy pulled from Groveland pool

GROVELAND — A 12-year-old Newburyport boy was pulled from the bottom of a Groveland pool at a private recreational camp on Bare Hill Road last Friday morning. The boy was pulled from the pool by a lifeguard and was conscious and breathing when emergency personnel...

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Remembering Our Veterans

Rowley Community members joined the Rowley Veterans Association to place new U.S. flags on over 660 Veterans’ graves at the Rowley Burial ground last weekend in time for Memorial Day. The flags also serve as markers for the wreaths that are laid on each veterans’...

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Hamilton Flag Raisings Raise Some Concerns

HAMILTON – In the wake of a recent Supreme Court decision which ruled Boston must allow a Christian Group to fly its flag over city hall, the Hamilton Select Board is considering a policy to govern which flags it lets fly over town hall and at Patton Park. The board’s...

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