Students To Learn ‘In the Shay Way’

AMESBURY — In a “just in case letter,” Amesbury High School graduate Sgt. Jordan Shay asked that his family and friends to create a scholarship fund for students who “want to make a difference in the world.” After his battlefield death 30 miles north of Baghdad during...

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Complete Healthcare, an Invitation

Many call them alternatives to medical care. I think of them as complementary, which means healthcare services you use in addition to seeing your doctor. That is, I’m glad when my pain patients have seen their doctor to rule out conditions I can’t treat, and I refer...

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Trash Pickup Going Automated

REGIONAL – The future of trash pickup can be seen in Amesbury and a few other municipalities as the city last week rolled out the first brown trash carts that are picked up by trucks with only a driver. “Only trash in the new G. Mello brown carts will be collected;...

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FlingGolf To Hold New England Classic

AMESBURY – Watch some of the nation’s best FlingGolf players compete on ESPN next week and become a flinger yourself in September at the New England FlingGolf classic held at the Amesbury Country Club and the Apple Hill Golf Club in East Kingston, NH. ESPN2 will...

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Tutors in Demand

AMESBURY – Tutors, like Kathy Ells, were needed long before Covid-19 shuttered schools three years ago. But the remote or limited teaching during the Covid shutdown appears to have made tutors in even more demand as students try to bridge the pandemic’s learning gap,...

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Maples Crossing Holds First Lacrosse Clinic

AMESBURY – Maples Crossing is taking another step toward being the go-to site for sports on the North Shore by adding a lacrosse clinic for young players. Taught by Lizzy Deacon, a four-year starter for the Amesbury High School varsity lacrosse team and last year’s...

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FlingGolf Tournament Tour Launched, Destined for New England

AMESBURY – The World League of FlingGolf (WLF) chose San Diego as the site for the first of five major tournaments for 2023 because of the extensive network of flingers in southern California and because of the city’s famous good weather. John Pruellage, president of...

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Making Pirate Booty

AMESBURY – On the second floor of CI Works, which houses dozens of small manufacturing firms, Charles Doyle can be found in a well-lit room, surrounded by history books and strange-looking machines, replicating ancient coins from Biblical, Roman and Greek times. A new...

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Bruins Skating Faster on North Shore-made Blades

AMESBURY – If your favorite Boston Bruin seems to be faster this season and looking less fatigued in the third period, it might be because he is skating on an experimental titanium blade that is about half the weight of stainless-steel blades and slides smoother...

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