Newburyport Girls Basketball Players Honored

Newburyport seniors with their families being honored pre-game on February 14th: Top - Makenna Ward with family Middle - Emma Foley with family Bottom - Deirdre McElhinney with a family member Photos provided by Peter McClelland

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Division 3 Final Four Winners!

The Newburyport Girl's Volleyball captains (Emma Foley, Viive Godtfredsen, Sophie Messina) pose with the Division 3 Final Four trophy after recently defeating Ashland. Photos provided by Peter McClelland

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Youth Baseball Fields: Win One, Lose One

ROWLEY – It’s win one, lose one in youth baseball fields here. The town has decommissioned the field and taken down the fence at the baseball field next to one of the water wells on Rte. 133 behind TD Bank. The Rowley Water Department now manages that land and plans...

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Hockey East Builds Amesbury’s Hockey Brand

AMESBURY – Maples Crossing, the business and hospitality center built on youth hockey, is just beginning construction, but already it is making this city, the home of the first professional hockey team, a destination for hockey enthusiasts. Hockey East Assn., which...

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