Mike Wilson’s Final Dash for Home

HAPPY VALLEY, PA – Mike Wilson made it to Penn State University last week, not to attend college, but just passing through on his Run Across America to raise money for two cancer organizations. He expects to arrive on the Merrimack Waterfront on Sunday afternoon, Aug....

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Mike Wilson Has 711 Miles to Run

MANSFIELD, OH – Mike Wilson stopped his Run Across America briefly this week to take a tour of the Ohio State Reformatory, the site where one of his favorite films, The Shawshank Redemption, was shot. He was surprised to find the prison and other scenes from the film...

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Yankee Homecoming Kicks Off Again

NEWBURYPORT — If the huge volume of traffic flowing into this seaport town and the number of blue-and-white flags waving on front porches over the last few days are indicators of the crowds the reborn Yankee Homecoming will attract this week, the 63-year-old festival...

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Mike Wilson Has Only 1,000 Miles To Run

OSWEGO, IL – Mike Wilson lost a tooth as he ran across Illinois last week. It was not the first time he had lost that tooth. Twenty years ago, he fell off a boat and knocked out it and two other teeth. As Mike runs the last 1,000 miles of his Run Across America, he...

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Mike Wilson Crosses the Mississippi River

The Illinois-Iowa Border – Mike Wilson dodged several tornadoes last week in Iowa as he excitedly crossed the Mississippi River at Clinton, IA, into Illinois, roughly halfway across the country on his Run Across America. Mike is running across America from Oregon to...

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Mike Wilson’s New Shoes Arrive

AMES, IA – Mike Wilson got a new pair of Hoka running shoes in the mail, but must wait to get his new running stroller down the road. “I’m so happy to have new shoes,” he said. The old ones felt like “I was running barefoot on the pavement.” It had a hole that...

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Mike Wilson Needs New Shoes

WESTERN IOWA – Mike Wilson needs a new pair of running shoes and a new running stroller. Replacements for both items, essential to his Run Across America, were mailed to him at a post office in Columbus, NE. But when he arrived in the eastern Nebraska city, the post...

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Mike Wilson Runs Toward Iowa

NEBRASKA-IOWA BORDER – Mike Wilson this week ran beyond satellite coverage. In eastern Nebraska, headed for Iowa, the personal trainer running across America to raise money for his two favorite charities, was beyond the range of cell towers. The Town Common will catch...

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Mike Wilson Runs Historic Highway

NORTH PLATTE, NE – As Mike Wilson ran across central Nebraska last week in heats that topped the high 90s and low 100s, the members of the Newburyport Waterfront Trust began discussing how the city might greet him as he crosses the finish line of his 3,000-mile trek...

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Mike Wilson Running Across Nebraska

SIDNEY, NE – When Mike Wilson was in the first grade, he made a friend, Rhea, who shared the same birthday in January. Fast forward 20 plus years and Rhea’s parents. who live in Pine Bluffs, WY, drove about 60 miles to Nebraska to bring Mike water and sports drinks to...

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