No New Town Hall

NEWBURY — It’s back to the drawing board for those who believe this town needs a new government center. To decide on the controversial project’s future will be two new leaders on the Board of Selectmen, including one who won without having her name on the ballot....

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Rowley Says “No” to Triton Budget

ROWLEY — In recent years, it has been the town of Salisbury that has been required to pay more of the Triton Regional School District budget, while the towns of Newbury and Rowley got off a bit easier. That changed this year. For fiscal year 2024, it is Rowley, which...

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Fate of Town Hall Hangs on Vote

NEWBURY – For close to 20 years, townspeople here have been arguing, often heatedly, if they need to spend money on a new Town Hall. That debate may be resolved soon. On Tuesday, voters will decide whether to override the state’s spending limits to build a new Town...

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The Pink House on Glass

NEWBURY – The Pink House, standing alone on a narrow plot of land next to the Great Marsh, may be the most photographed and painted structure in New England. There is even a Pink House clothing line. And now, the well-known image of the house with its checkered past...

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Newbury Town Hall Fight

NEWBURY – Politics are heating to a boil here this spring with an upcoming Town Meeting on April 25 where residents are expected to spar over the proposed new, multi-million-dollar Town Hall. The Board of Selectmen election will follow on May 9 where two seats will be...

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Triton Partners with Food Bank To Fight Student Hunger

TRITON REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT – It’s hard to concentrate on Algebra or the American Civil War if your stomach is rumbling. Thanks to a new partnership between Triton Regional schools and the First Parish Newbury Food Pantry, high school students and Salisbury...

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Newburyport Christmas Tree Pick Up

Christmas trees pick-up at the curb will begin on Monday, January 2nd. Trees will be collected on various days (not necessarily your trash collection day). Please do not bag the trees, but please do remove bases, tinsel, and lights. Trees put out by Monday, January...

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