Plum Island Public Bathroom to Open on May 27

NEWBURY — The Select Board is pleased to announce the completion of the Plum Island Public Bathroom Project. Plum Island is a popular beach destination to the community, known for its white sand beaches and the ecosystems of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge....

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Could the Pink House Be Licensed?

PLUM ISLAND TURNPIKE – Maybe the non-profit Support the Pink House organization (STPH) could take a page from the Salisbury Historical Commission and propose to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (F&WS) that it license the almost 100-year-old icon while the community...

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Newbury Fire Dept Receives Equipment Grant

Newbury Fire Dept Receives Equipment Grant NEWBURY — Chief Dave Evans is pleased to share that the Newbury Fire Department received a $15,500 grant from the Department of Fire Services Fiscal Year 2024 Firefighter Safety Equipment Grant Program. Fire departments...

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A ‘Unique’ Site for Sunsets

NEWBURY – If you ever enjoyed a cocktail at the Plum Island Grille watching the sun set over the marsh, you’ve had a taste of the joy might bring of calling that space your own. The Grille at 2 Sunset Dr. on the western edge of the island is closed, and Realtor Frank...

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Watch Your Holiday Tree Burn

NEWBURY - The Newbury Volunteer Fire Department is hosting its annual bonfire from 3 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 14, for trees dropped off by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 11. The Old Newbury Bonfire will be held at the Tendercrop Growing Field, adjacent to Spencer-Peirce-...

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Whittier Could Have Allowed City-Town Voting

REGIONAL – Whittier Regional Vocational High School could have allowed each of its 11 cities and towns under state law to decide individually how to fund its share of the $264 million price tag for a new building. Rowley SelectBoard chair Cliff Pierce and other town...

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