Lynn man faces trespassing charges for entering Masco High

Wednesday June 01, 2022

BOXFORD – Police are investigating a troubling incident that happened at Masconomet High School about a week prior to the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

A 61-year-old Lynn man entered the school through a propped open door at the school on May 13, according to Channel 7 news.

The man, who was driving a multi-colored Honda Odyssey, said he wanted to speak to the principal and surprise the students, according to the Boxford police report.

While the Boxford incident happened prior to the Texas school shooting, it did not come to light until late last week.

“We do not have any evidence he was planning to do anything sinister,” Boxford Police Chief James Riter told Channel 7 news. “He was cordial, respectful, but it seemed like there were some challenges there.”

Riter said that no matter how difficult it is to get around and get into a locked school, the doors should never be left open.

Police said the man had no weapons and no one was hurt in the incident.

The Lynn man is facing a summons to court on a trespassing charge.

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