Letter to the Editor: Turmoil in Georgetown

Georgetown residents recently learned of serious tension between our town administrator and the long time agent for the Conservation Commission. A commission member told the Town Common she feared for the agent’s health. The agent recently resigned but it doesn’t...

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Letter to the Editor – Seaview Retreat, Rowley, MA

A few good words about what daily life was like at Seaview Retreat in Rowley. My mother was a resident there for a few years. Stephen Comley was a wonderful administrator and proprietor of the nursing home. It was an AAA facility. The nursing staff and nursing...

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Supporting of Kristin Kassner

I am a resident of Ipswich and supporter of Kristin Kassner. I also participated in the recount and witnessed how fair the process is, and what a great job election officials, town clerks and volunteers did! It certainly made me proud to be living in a Democracy where...

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Letter to the Editor

Please take the Winthrop site off the bargaining table for a combined elementary school For close to 39 years now, our family has lived on Mineral Street, directly across from the walking path that leads into Winthrop Elementary. Both our now adult children were...

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Susan Hazen Cast a Long Shadow

ROWLEY – A pillar that has held up Town Hall in this historic town will be gone next week. But fear not, Town Clerk Susan Hazen, who is retiring after 21 years, is not going far. She lives across the street from Town Hall. Last week, Susan, who has an encyclopedic...

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