Statement of Georgetown Superintendent Regarding Election Results

Tuesday May 21, 2024

Statement of Georgetown Superintendent Regarding Election Results
GEORGETOWN – The following is a statement from Georgetown Public Schools Superintendent Margo Ferrick:
“This is a difficult day for the Georgetown Public Schools, and what will follow will be a series of difficult decisions in our school district. We thank the voters for coming to the polls and taking part in the vital civic process in our community, and we respect the will of the community we serve.
“As laid out by Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco last month, we will wait as the Selectboard and Moderator schedule another Town Meeting to approve a modified and balanced budget. The modified budget will have to be balanced within the existing tax limits.
“While we are ever-hopeful that additional local aid will trickle in from the State, the Georgetown Public Schools has diligently prepared for all scenarios. As a result of yesterday’s vote, we are contractually obligated to issue layoff and nonrenewal notifications to faculty, staff and administrators that may not be returning next year. As discussed in April, these notices will include 7-9 teaching positions, including previously reinstated teaching positions that will now be eliminated; six support staff (paraprofessional) positions, an information technology position and at least three administrators.
“The district will also notify families in the coming weeks about the likelihood of increased fees for sports and extracurricular activities.
“The faculty, staff and administrators at the Georgetown Public Schools are extremely dedicated to our community’s children, and we work extremely hard every day. We will continue to do so, whatever the budget and whatever the circumstances.”

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