Letter to the Editor – Remembering Peter Pratt

Tuesday February 27, 2024

Remembering Peter Pratt

To the Editor,

As I was opening my own hobby shop in Rowley back in 2000, Peter gave me a few bits of advice on what to do, what NOT to do, and wished me luck.
My store was mostly HO trains. We enjoyed a friendly semi-competitive relationship over the years. When anyone asked him about model trains, he told them where I was. When anyone asked me about Estes rockets, Pinewood Derby cars, or R/C vehicles, I told them where Peter was located.
It is the small store’s like Pratt Hobby that are most pleasurable to browse around and shop. A real personality behind the counter to advise you and do small repairs on the spot: No self-serve registers there!
As the younger generation moves more and more to Amazon.com and on-line shopping, this generation may never know what they are missing: browsing in peace, see the actual thing you want to buy, have a place/person to see for problems or questions.
Peter Pratt and his kind will be missed by our generation.

Joseph Couture
Formerly Moose Miniatures, Rowley, MA

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