Making the World a Better Place

Tuesday June 06, 2023

NEWBURYPORT – Mayor Sean Reardon called the dozen students and adults who won the city’s Human Rights Commission’s Peace prizes this year “good examples for the whole community” for their acts of kindness and inclusiveness.
Superintendent Sean Gallagher pronounced that “With this generation, we are in good hands.” Calling the commission’s Peace Prize awards “the most special ceremony,” he said students are recognized for their talents in athletics, music and scholarship, but acts of kindness are just as important.
“People will never forget when you are kind. You will make the world a better place,” Gallagher said.
The Peace Prizes, handed out in the City Hall auditorium, were given to students at the Newburyport schools, the River Valley Charter School and Immaculate Conception by Reardon and Commission Chair Ahmer Ibrahim.
At River Valley, Cady Seaton won the prize for her research on the women’s rights movement through history. Ailsa Carmisciano and Declan McCarty were recognized for being good role models for other students at Immaculate Conception School.
Gretalise Trefalt-Liu and Cole Wilson were recognized for their kindness at the Bresnahan Elementary School. At the Molin School, Kernan Farrell, who was described as “a warrior, who takes on any challenge,” won the prize along with fellow student Brock Riter, who was nicknamed Mr. Negotiator for his skills in reducing conflict among fellow students.
At the Nock Middle School, the prizes were awarded to Zachary Bell and Juliette DePasqua. And Jasmine Al Katatib and Sasha Leydon were recognized for their efforts to be inclusive at the high school.
Two Peace Prizes were awarded to adults Prince Boateng and the Wolfe Club for their work in the community.
Nadia Toth and Aibhne Martino read their poems, and Sam Parr performed on the cello.

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