Fast-Acting West Newbury Firefighters Prevent Serious Damage to Barn with Animals Inside

Tuesday February 07, 2023

WEST NEWBURY — Chief Michael Dwyer reports that the West Newbury Fire Department, responding quickly, stopped an outside fire from causing serious damage to a barn with animals inside.
Firefighters responded to 74 Maple St. at 8:30 p.m. Sunday for a report of fire showing from a barn in the rear of the property. Upon arrival, firefighters had flames visible, and a working fire response was requested, sending mutual aid resources to the scene.
Acting aggressively, the first arriving fire crew stretched a hose line and immediately put water on the fire, extinguishing it quickly. A neighboring Groveland Fire Department crew arrived and, using a thermal camera, fire officials determined that the fire had only damaged the wood shingle siding on the barn and had not extended into the barn itself. Only mild water damage was reported inside the barn, and the charred siding will need to be replaced.
A number of goats and alpacas are cared for on the property, and the goats were in the barn at the time.
No humans or animals were hurt.
“The fast response of firefighters and their aggressive work made the difference tonight,” Chief Dwyer said.
The fire was determined to have started in a compost bin adjacent to the barn.
The West Newbury Fire Department is a primarily call department, so firefighters respond to the station from their homes before going to calls. This makes Sunday’s response time all the more telling of the dedication and determination of West Newbury’s firefighters.
Mutual aid was provided by the Groveland and Merrimac Fire Departments at the scene. The West Newbury Police Department and Cataldo Ambulance also responded to the scene. The Newburyport, Georgetown and Newbury Fire Departments covered West Newbury during the fire.

Courtesy of John Guilfoil Public Relations LLC

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