Letter To The Editor

Wednesday August 24, 2022

To the Editor

Thank EACH and EVERY ONE of Y O U! Our tally so far is $15,000! Woo hooooo!

We have a few more donations coming in to put us over $15K but we wanted to share the great news! We are nothing without your support and commitment to helping people with cancer. We may provide the donation but it’s your support that allows us to. Thank you for making Solace for Stephanie your favorite charity for 12 years strong now. 


CANCER FAMILIES WE HAVE HELPED – We have helped 97 people with cancer. Unfortunately some have passed and we remembered them at the event. Others attended, Bob, Donna, Deb, Kathy, Danielle and Zach. Others attended in their loved ones memory, Corinne for her husband, Carmine, Jenn for her husband, Matt, and Maddison for her mom, Kristine, You are brave and courageous. Thank you for attending as our guests which you will ALWAYS be!


COMEDIANS – Paul Gilligan, your gift of humor is our blessing. You bring it every year. Your continuous feed of comedy and improv are the laughter buffet. Also thank you for your team of Carolyn Plummer, Dave Roberts and Matt Misci. All stellar!

CATERER – Speaking of buffet. I think many people in the room knew our caterer, Digi, of Catering A ‘La Carte https://www.cateringalacarte.com/. Thank you for an amazing presentation of food that people raved about all night and beyond that night. You are also blessed with a gift of not only being Italian but being about to cook for hundreds of people and nailing it. You’re stuck with us from here on in. Thank you, Digi and la famiglia.

TOPSFIELD FAIRGROUNDS – This was our 5th event at the Fairgrounds. A special thanks to Kurt for making it all happen behind the scenes.

TERRY MACARTHUR – Sends Solace auto payment donation EVERY MONTH. She is the only supporter that does that. We need more Terrys’. She made us her favorite charity in a BIG way and we are thankful for your generosity. 

TABLES – Thank you to those who purchased a table. Supporters that never waver like NANCY JUDGE AND HER CREW (https://www.kw.com/agent/UPA-6587385202007568386-7), AUNT RUTH AND ROLAND BREWER, TIM HOUGH, ANYONE RELATED TO THE FEMINO FAMILY, JOHNNY POLANSKY, TOM AMOROSO (https://amorosolaw.com/) AND THE TOPSFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT make it much easier to fill the room by purchasing tables. 

SPONSORS – Marie and Greg, Off the Vine (ceaseless, endless support) (https://offthevinetuscangrille.com/), Peter St. Clair, Dentist (also annually committed to Solace) (https://www.jpeterstclairdentistry.com/), Mark Audette, Owner, The Deck, Giuseppe’s, The Village Essex (new supporter), Mark Meaney (never ever misses a year!), Bradford Tavern, and JLP Construction (https://jlpbuilds.com/about/), and Profile Research (http://profileresearch.net/). Thank you for your dedication to this worthy charity. 

NOTABLES – Deb Perry (& Scott) who coordinated the raffle and wine raffle along with Lindsey Finn and her mom, Jeanne, Rolly Levasseur, Joe Levasseur, Haley Sabino,Maureen Sabino. Sheila McDaid, Alysa Southall, Chris Perry, Dan Perry, Emma, Courtney Latta and Marissa. Your volunteerism shines through and you made this function, function. George Dagas , is the man! Every year, he is our Plan B. He is a silent partner. He gives and gives and gives and gives. Selfless in our favor. Thank you George. 

NON STOP ANNUAL SUPPORT – Thank you! Kim and Doug Perilli (They could not make it and they purchased tickets and sponsored Matt Nadeau’s family to attend), Shirley and Tom Faulkner, another first to sign up and help us in any way EVERY year. Roger and Karlene Merry. Diane and Joe Hickey. Kathy and Dave Woytovich. Lauren and John Magnifico. Katie and Mike Bean. Mimi DiPietrol. Pauline & Tim White. Marie and Bill Cassidy. The Mulkern Family. Stewart Lytle. Chris Connolly. 

Did you know that Jim Wilson, Editor/Owner of The Town Common placed the Solace Comedy flier in his newspapers on an entire page for months! Who does that? Jim does. And he makes sure that Stewart Lytle writes up a story every year about us too. Who does that? Jim does! Jim and his wife Jane have been backing Solace since the very first year as they were close friends with Stephanie and the Jenkins family. Jim has done so much and this is another support that cannot go unnoticed. In the early years, he put together slide shows for events and then provided his Good Earth soy candles with Stephanie’s picture on them and this year he donated candles for our raffle. Jim will always be there for Solace and we will always be there for Jim. Thank you Jane and Jim and The Town Common www.thetowncommon.com www.GoodEarthCandle.com

Mo Levasseur
Solace for Stephanie

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