Rowley Elects Three Women to Selectboard

Tuesday May 30, 2023

Rowley Town Hall

ROWLEY — The Rowley Board of Selectmen was just that – a male dominated bastion that ran the town government.
But no longer. For the first time since the town’s was founded in 1639, a majority of seats on the five-member board is held by women, although Deborah Eagan has been the town administrator for years.
At the May 9 town election, Sheri David was elected to replace retiring long-time Selectman Joseph Perry. She won with 38.4 percent of the votes for one of two open seats on the board.
Bob Snow, a six-term veteran of the board, who won re-election with 33.5 percent, acknowledged the historic significance of the last election. “It’s good to have you,” he said. “You’ll have exciting times this next year.”
The majority of women elected one of the two men, Clifford Pierce, to be chairman for the fifth time. He was nominated by Selectperson Christine Kneeland and was seconded by Deana Ziev, the other woman on the board.
Kneeland was elected vice chair of the board.

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