Supporting of Kristin Kassner

Tuesday January 17, 2023

I am a resident of Ipswich and supporter of Kristin Kassner. I also participated in the recount and witnessed how fair the process is, and what a great job election officials, town clerks and volunteers did! It certainly made me proud to be living in a Democracy where every vote counts!
Unfortunately, Kristin’s opponent filed a lawsuit after certification of the results! 3 different judges dismissed his suits! Apparently Mr Mirra is an election denier and does not believe in the voters or town officials, the Secretary of State or Republican Governor!
While I understand being disappointed in a one vote loss, it is unacceptable to undermine Democracy and the will of the people! Mr Mirra is now publicly saying that he will win in the House Election Committee!! Is that because he thinks he has some political favors coming??
Is that because he wants to undermine the public’s faith in the process?? I certainly hope the voters in the towns of Ipswich, Rowley, and Georgetown, who he sued, will never vote again for such a person! Mr. Mirra, elections and votes count even when you lose! My children learned that when they were 3 years old!!
Randa Tenney
Ipswich, MA

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