Georgetown’s Pacheco Works for Haverhill on Fridays

Tuesday January 10, 2023

From left, Doug Dawes shakes Orlando Pacheco’s hand

GEORGETOWN – When Town Hall is closed on Fridays, Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco works for a former employer, the city of Haverhill, as an energy consultant.
Select Board Chair Doug Dawes, in response to a question from the Town Common, wrote in an email that he is aware that the town administrator also works for Haverhill.
“Town Hall is open 4 days per week and closed on Fridays,” Dawes wrote. “Orlando’s work hours are Mon – Thurs 8 am to 6 pm. He has Friday, Saturday & Sunday off.
The employment contract for Pacheco, which Dawes shared, states: “The Town Administrator agrees to devote his full time, effort, and attention to the business of the Town of Georgetown and will not engage in any other businesses during office hours, except with the express written approval of the Board…”
Emphasis was provided by Dawes.
In an article in the Haverhill Gazette about a new energy grant to the city, Pacheco was identified as “the city’s Energy Consultant.”
From what appears to be from a press release by the city of Haverhill about the almost $200,000 grant, the article states: “The new Haverhill grant is the result of an ongoing collaboration between the mayor’s office, state DOER, the city’s Energy Consultant Orlando Pacheco, the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, private contractor Energy Source, and National Grid.”
In an email last week, Pacheco wrote: “I do some work for Haverhill on Fridays,” He called the work with Haverhill “pretty minimal.”
“I along with other staff do work in other communities in off hours,” Pacheco wrote.
Asked if he worked for any other towns or cities, he wrote, “I do not work for any other towns simply because of the limited timeframe I have to do outside work. I was at one point the Energy Manger for both Methuen and Haverhill.  I have generally help(ed) the city previous(ly) with its solar developments, of which none have been proposed for a few years now, and some energy efficiency work that was started a few years ago.”

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