Invitation for Proposals to Farm
The Town of Rowley has an opportunity for farming on its Pingree Farm Conservation Area at 60 Pingree Farm Rd. (Map 4, Parcel/Lot 12) & 29 Boxford Rd. (Map 5, Parcel/Lot 84) starting in the 2024 growing season. The area available to be farmed includes two parcels of approximately 17 acres and 7 acres respectively which are located in the Town’s Zone II drinking water supply. The farming would be done under a license issued by the Rowley Conservation Commission and would be revocable at will on thirty (30) days’ notice. The Town is looking for qualified applicants (farmers) from the Town of Rowley or directly abutting municipalities. Applicants would have to provide a detailed planting and pest control plan (IPM) and have liability insurance. Written expressions of interest are requested by April 15, 2024. Interested parties should contact the Conservation Commission’s Agent at 978-948-2330 for further details.
Daniel Shinnick, Chairman, Rowley Conservation Commission 03/13

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