Commonwealth of Massachusetts – The Trial Court, Probate, and Family Court – Essex Probate and Family Court, 36 Federal Street, Salem, MA 01970. 978-744-1020 – Docket number: ES22C0397CA
In the matter of: Calebe Jorge. A petition to change name of minor has been filed by Calebe Jorge of Ipswich, MA requesting that the court enter a Decree changing their name to: Calebe Colombo. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Any person may appear for purposes of objecting to the petition by filing an appearance at: Essex Probate and Family Court before 10:00 a.m. on the return day of 05/10/2024. This is NOT a hearing date, but a deadline by which you must file a written appearance if you object to this proceeding.
Witness, Hon. Frances M. Giordano, First Justice of this Court.
Date: April 04, 2024 Pamela A. Casey O’Brien, Register of Probate

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