Brighter Smiles: Dentistry in the News – Part 1

A recent U.S. News & World Report featured seven pages of information on dentistry. Although I was surprised that most of the information was accurate, as the media often skews the facts to make a point, there were a few things that I felt needed clarification. The...

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Brighter Smiles: Integrated Health Care

Dentistry is one of those things in life….as with most things…. that people view in different ways. Some are interested in their appearance, some are interested in their health, some both, and others none of the above. A major role of health care providers is to make...

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Ipswich Winter Wellness Sampler

Ipswich Winter Wellness Sampler Fri, March 15 Friday March 15, 6pm: Join the Ipswich Wellness Collective for a beginner-friendly Gentle Yoga class. All classes in the Winter Wellness Series are FREE to the public!...

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St. Patrick’s Day Yoga

St. Patrick’s Day Yoga Sat, March 16 Saturday March 16 @ 12pm: Unwind before the St. Paddy’s Day shenanigans with a FREE Gentle Yoga class @ Ipswich Public Library. Grab your mat and join certified yoga instructor Melanie Simard for a beginner-friendly slow flow to...

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Brighter Smiles: Full-Speed Forward

I’m sure we all agree that keeping up with technology is not easy. From computers to cell phones to cars, and everything in between, changes take place at lightning speed. No matter what we buy, there is always something right around the corner, or already there, that...

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Brighter Smiles: Health Requires Accountability

Dental hygienists love it when they make suggestions to patients about home care and their dreams are answered when the patient returns 6 months later with noticeable improvement. It might be as simple as adding a good electric toothbrush or waterpik to the patient’s...

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Brighter Smiles: It’s Just a Word

When we ask for a Kleenex® or a Ziploc® we may not necessarily get that brand, but we know we will get a tissue or a sealable plastic bag. It is always interesting to me hearing the different things people say in the dental office that seem to be “standard” among the...

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Brighter Smiles: Newer is Not Always Better

There have been lots of changes over time in the materials used to restore teeth. Many of the materials I use today were not in existence when I started practice in the 1990’s. The most significant changes have been to materials that are tooth-colored. There are very...

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Brighter Smiles: Avoiding The Dentist?

There are five major reasons that people do not get the necessary dental care they need. They are money, time, lack of concern, fear and trust. Let’s take a quick look at each one and see if any of them fit you and what dentists often try to do to overcome these...

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Brighter Smiles: What’s In Your Mouth?

Dentistry is full of old, new, and emerging technology. For example, the different ways to use dental implants over the last 30 years has been a major game changer in the field of dentistry. Likewise, CAD/CAM technology (computer-aided design and manufacturing of...

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