ConCom Approves Trash Transfer Station

GEORGETOWN – The Conservation Commission (ConCom), under direction of the state Land Court, voted last week four to zero with two abstentions to approve the controversial trash transfer station on Carleton Drive. The commission, which regulates wetlands and other...

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Honoring Peter Pratt – Legendary Storyteller

REGIONAL – One of Georgetown’s treasures was Peter Pratt, who for almost a half century sat behind a display case he used as a desk surrounded by an eclectic array of large and small toys, vintage coins and his favorite soap box derby kits. The Pratt Hobby Shop at 20...

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Flutie Foundation Helps Area Autistic Families

REGIONAL -- Northeast Arc (NeArc) has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism to benefit traditionally under-served, under-funded and culturally diverse communities served by the Autism Support Center. “We are honored to once again...

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Don’t Go in the River — Yet

REGIONAL – A cleaner Merrimack River may soon be more than a pipe dream. Last summer was one of the worst for raw sewage flowing downriver by your boat or dock. And don’t expect it to get much better this year, depending on the number of rainstorms that roll through....

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Bancroft Asked to be Removed from ConCom

GEORGETOWN – Town leaders here are at it again. After the chairman of the Conservation Commission was forced to resign last year and more than 100 residents the year before asked the then-chair of the SelectBoard to step down, a member of the Parks and Recreation...

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Pictures with A Purpose

NEWBURYPORT – To celebrate Black History Month, the city has installed its latest edition of black initiative signage at the playground on Inn Street. The sign, one of about a dozen going up around the city, will be unveiled by Mayor Sean Reardon at 4 p.m., Tuesday,...

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Whittier Throws in Towel

REGIONAL – After a plan to finance a new Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School suffered a crushing defeat last month, the school administration and the North Shore communities it serves are re-thinking it path forward. Whittier, which teaches 1,250...

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Inside the Pink House

PLUM ISLAND TURNPIKE — Driving to Plum Island, it is not unusual to wonder what the iconic Pink House, empty and alone on the edge of the Newbury Salt Marsh, looks like inside. Speculation about the Pink House among its many supporters has always been rampant, but has...

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Listen to Great Music in Churches

REGIONAL – The churches will be alive with music this winter. Dervish, one of the most celebrated Irish bands, will be back at Belleville Congregational Church for the Belleville Roots concert on March 16, and the Bluebird Performance Venue will hold its next concert...

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Newburyport Recreation Center Unveiled

NEWBURYPORT – The city wants to renovate and expand a building on Low Street that once enrolled and trained Massachusetts National Guard soldiers for war into a sleek, indoor-outdoor facility that is safe for children and teenagers to gather, learn and play. Mayor...

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