Banter Barbershop Continues Heritage of Hair

NEWBURYPORT – The barber shop has long been a gathering place for men to get a trim and a shave, but even more to see old friends, make new ones, catch up on the latest, and above all, talk. Banter Barber and Clothier, as the name suggests, embraces that tradition on...

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Northeast Arc Raises $3.2 million for the Disabled

REGIONAL – Northeast Arc raised more than $3.2 million in a three-year campaign for its Center for Linking Lives at Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers that serves individuals with autism and other disabilities. More than 150 members of the Northeast Arc community gathered...

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When Sewage Flows Down the River

MERRIMACK VALLEY – Warm weather is coming, and boaters, yacht owners, kayakers, dogs and ducks must again contend with raw sewage floating down the Merrimack River. While the fight up and down the river to rid it of untreated sewage is limping along, the city of...

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Local Banks in Strong Shape

REGIONAL – As the federal and state government take steps to protect regional banks from the current crisis, North Shore banks issued statements to reassure depositors that all is well. “With unsettling financial headlines dominating the news recently, I want to...

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Mello Expected to Submit New Trash Station Proposal

GEORGETOWN – G. Mello Disposal Corp. is expected to submit a new application in the coming weeks to the town’s Planning Board for its proposed trash transfer station on Carleton Drive. But it will be limited to 250 tons per day, not 500 tons originally proposed. The...

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Parking at Crane Beach Gets Pricier

IPSWICH — Out-of-town visitors to Crane Beach will soon have less money in their wallets. Ipswich residents will not be affected. The Crane Estate and Beach Trustees of Reservations will phase out the beach parking permit over the next few months and replace it with a...

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Nurses Picket Anna Jaques

NEWBURYPORT – The Massachusetts Nurses Assn. (MNA) joined city and state leaders on the picket line at Anna Jaques Hospital (AJH) Thursday afternoon, protesting for better salaries, more staff and resources at the community hospital. Anna Jaques and the MNA have a...

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FlingGolf Tournament Tour Launched, Destined for New England

AMESBURY – The World League of FlingGolf (WLF) chose San Diego as the site for the first of five major tournaments for 2023 because of the extensive network of flingers in southern California and because of the city’s famous good weather. John Pruellage, president of...

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Watchdog Focuses NRC on Seabrook Station Concrete

REGIONAL – The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued a final denial this month of the C-10 Research and Education Foundation’s petition that asked it to require NextEra, the owner of the Seabrook Station nuclear power plant, to take steps to combat the cracking...

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The Pink House on Glass

NEWBURY – The Pink House, standing alone on a narrow plot of land next to the Great Marsh, may be the most photographed and painted structure in New England. There is even a Pink House clothing line. And now, the well-known image of the house with its checkered past...

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