More Housing Coming

REGIONAL – Towns and cities in eastern Massachusetts last week took the first step toward creating thousands of new multi-family homes to reduce the chronic housing shortage. A new economic development law includes a provision that requires communities served by the...

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Parks Director Reid Takes State Job

Parks Director Reid Takes State Job By Stewart Lytle, Reporter NEWBURYPORT — Former Parks Director Lise Reid has taken a new job with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), according to two sources. DCR manages state parks and oversees more...

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Gibson Brothers at The Firehouse

NEWBURYPORT – If you are a Bluegrass music fan, here’s some good news to help warm your winter. You don’t have to wait to whet your appetite until the Steel Drivers arrive in late April for the Belleville Roots Music Series performance. The Gibson Brothers are making...

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Greater Newburyport Village Talk on Afghan Culture

In December the Taliban banned the participation of women in higher education. This was just the latest in a series of brutal reversals of the role of women in this country. From noon to 1:00 on Wednesday, January 18th, the Greater Newburyport Village will host Susan...

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Hendrickson Hands the NACE Reins to St. John

NEWBURYPORT – Twenty years ago, when Vicki Hendrickson approached then-School Superintendent Francis Bresnahan about launching an adult education program, computers were new and people wanted to learn how to use them. Bresnahan agreed, and Hendrickson launched the...

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Newburyport School Honors Four

NEWBURYPORT – Three elementary school students and one teacher were honored last week for demonstrating leadership. School Supt. Sean Gallagher told the school committee members, “We will be hearing from these students again.” The students in the second and third...

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