Ipswich Police Department Supports Students During Project “Sticker Shock”

Tuesday May 28, 2024

Left to right, Ipswich PD Det. and School Resource Officer Joe Perna, and Ipswich High School (IHS) students Hayden Lucey and Hannah Queen. (Photo Courtesy Ipswich PD)

IPSWICH — Last week, Ipswich Police Department officers supported Ipswich Public School students during a project to raise awareness about the dangers of underage drinking.
Project Sticker Shock involved students and officers attending partnering liquor stores and applying stickers on cases and cartons of alcoholic beverages stating that, “If they can’t buy it, don’t supply it.”
The stickers warn that supplying alcohol to persons under 21 can lead to a fine of $2,000 or a term of imprisonment of one year.
“All praise goes to the students, our officers simply provided escort,” Ipswich Police Department Chief Paul Nikas said. “I couldn’t be prouder of the up-and-coming generation of young leaders in Essex County. They’ve shown themselves to be both active and responsible citizens.”
The project is organized by the Ipswich Aware Youth Group (IAYC), an independent affiliate of the North Shore YMCA.
“If these stickers could help just one person make the right choice then it is beyond worth it,” Ipswich High School student Hannah Queen said. “We care about our peers and don’t want to see anyone getting hurt by these substances.”
Project Sticker Shock takes place during the ongoing prom and graduation season. In Massachusetts and under Social Host Laws, supplying alcohol to minors is not only dangerous, but illegal.
“We know that alcohol is the number one drug of choice among young people, and also one of the easiest to obtain,” Ipswich Police Department Detective and School Resource Officer Joe Perna said. “The goal of the Sticker Shock Campaign is to encourage adults to think twice before supplying, or assisting to supply, the drug to minors.”

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