Plum Island Public Bathroom to Open on May 27

Tuesday May 21, 2024

Residents and town officials gathered to celebrate the completion of the Plum Island Public Bathroom Project on April 27. From left, Select Board Member Geoff Walker, state Sen. Bruce Tarr, Select Board Chair Alicia Greco, Select Board Member Leslie Matthews, Select Board Member Bill DiMaio, Select Board Member Dana Packer, Department of Public Works Member Tim Tolman, and Department of Public Works Member Matt Manasian. (Photo Courtesy Town of Newbury)

NEWBURY — The Select Board is pleased to announce the completion of the Plum Island Public Bathroom Project.
Plum Island is a popular beach destination to the community, known for its white sand beaches and the ecosystems of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.
The Department of Public Works has been renovating a building, acquired by the Town in 2018, for use as a public restroom. The renovation cost about $200,000 using a state grant and American Rescue Plan Act funds.
It will be accessible to the public beginning on Monday, May 27.
The decision to fund the project without borrowing reflects a commitment to fiscal responsibility and sustainable development practices. By utilizing available resources, the initiative ensures the allocation of public funds, safeguarding the community’s financial interests.
“We recognize the importance of responsible financial stewardship, particularly in allocating public funds,” said Town Administrator Blais. “By leveraging existing resources, we not only mitigate financial borrowing but also uphold our commitment to fiscal prudence and long-term sustainability.”
The new bathroom facilities include eight stalls with handicapped options. The building structure also includes a newly established emergency response station, which can serve as an outpost for police, fire, and ambulance staff during emergency situations. The inclusion of this station will serve as a vital resource during major storms, ensuring the safety and well-being of community members and beachgoers.
“The Plum Island Public Bathroom Project is a testament to the power of community driven initiatives and responsible governance. The project sets a precedent for inclusive development and effective resource management through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions,” said Select Board member Geoff Walker. “In Newbury, we are fortunate to have well-informed residents, a visionary Town Administrator, and a highly skilled and tremendously productive DPW working cooperatively to bring projects like this to fruition.”
For more information about the Plum Island Public Bathroom Project, please contact Town Administrator Blais at 978-465-0862 or

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