Pentucket Schools Open Registration Learning Collaborative

Tuesday April 23, 2024

Pentucket Schools Open Registration Learning Collaborative
WEST NEWBURY – The Pentucket Regional School District has opened registration for the 2024 Pentucket Learning Collaborative, , a selection of classes geared toward adults and people of all ages.
Classes run from May 1-29, and are held on Wednesdays from 5-7 p.m. at Pentucket Regional Middle High School. Offerings include Art Studio, Culinary 101, Conversational Spanish, and Digital Literacy for Caregivers. Childcare is available.
Taught by educators in the Pentucket District, the classes aim to equip learners with skills or knowledge to aid in everyday life.
“Our classes are a collaborative in the truest sense of the idea,” Pentucket Schools Executive Director of Operations Jonathan Seymour said. “We’ve known for a while that creating communities where people of different generations can share experiences can lead to positive learning outcomes. We’re excited to present this opportunity.”
Over five weeks, students can master skills or knowledge in everything from food preparation and greetings in Spanish, to social media etiquette, painting and illustration, and caring for school-age children.
“It’s never too late in life to grow personally,” said Pentucket Superintendent Dr. Justin Bartholomew. “Our message to the community is loud and simple: if you’ve ever wanted to know the basics of another language or how to better to protect yourself online, take up one of our multi-generational offerings.”
Those interested in the collaborative can find out more on the website-, and can register by contacting Visual Arts Teacher Marcia Nadeau on

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