Boxford Community Electricity Launching in June

Tuesday April 09, 2024

Boxford Community Electricity Launching in June with Rate of 13.915 ¢/kWh
Boxford – The Town of Boxford is pleased to announce that it will launch its electricity supply program, Boxford Community Electricity, in June 2024. The program is a municipal aggregation, which is already offered by nearly 170 cities and towns in the State.
Boxford Community Electricity will offer three new electricity supply options to all Boxford residents and businesses. The Town’s primary offering, Boxford Standard, will cost less than the current National Grid Residential Basic Service rate, while also providing an additional 10% renewable energy (though future savings cannot be guaranteed). Boxford residents and businesses may also choose from two other options: Boxford 100, which has 100% renewable energy, and Boxford Basic which just meets the State minimum standards for renewable energy.
Boxford Community Electricity will provide long-term price stability, with prices fixed for 42 months, until December 2027. The program will also support the growth of renewable energy here in New England, because all additional renewable energy will come from “Class I” sources. Those are primarily wind and solar, all located within New England.
“The Town is pleased to offer this aggregation program that allows residents to lock in a competitive rate for cleaner, greener, electric supply for the next 42 months”, says Matthew Coogan, Boxford Town Administrator.
The program was initially authorized by Town Meeting in 2020, and was recently approved by the State’s Department of Public Utilities in January 2024. The program launches in June 2024. Information about the program can be found at
Boxford residential and business electricity customers using National Grid Basic Service supply are eligible for automatic enrollment in the Boxford Standard as of their June meter read. In the beginning of April, all such eligible customers will receive a Notification Letter on behalf of the Town from the chosen electricity supplier for the program, Dynegy Energy Services. The letter will notify them of the upcoming enrollment and provide instructions on how to choose a different program option other than Boxford Standard or how to opt out of the program (i.e., not participate) before the program starts.
Participation in Boxford Community Electricity is voluntary. Anyone that does not want to participate may opt out without penalty, either before the program begins or at any time during the program.
Electricity customers who are currently enrolled with a third-party supplier will not receive the Notification Letter and will not be automatically enrolled. These customers can voluntarily join the program, but are advised to check with their current supplier in case it may charge penalties or early termination fees if they leave that supplier during the term of their contract.
Participation in Boxford Community Electricity will only change the “Supply” portion of your National Grid electricity bill. National Grid will still continue to manage electricity billing, maintain poles and wires and respond to storm outages. Customers using budget billing or receiving low-income rate discounts will continue to receive those discounts without interruption. Similarly, customers receiving net metering or other solar benefits will continue to receive those benefits.
We invite you to join us at a community meeting to learn more about the program:
• April 23, 2024 at 6pm: Town Hall, in-person or virtual attendance. Find the virtual link at
For more information about the Boxford Community Electricity, go to or call (978) 216-2838.
The accompanying table on this page shows the prices for Boxford Community Electricity, compared to National Grid Basic Service. Boxford Community Electricity prices apply to all Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers.

Boxford Electric Rates

Boxford Electric Rates

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