Residents’ Input Sought on Bike Share Concept

Tuesday February 13, 2024

Residents’ Input Sought on Bike Share Concept

NEWBURYPORT, MA — Newburyport Livable Streets (NLS) has been exploring the feasibility of establishing a small bike share system in the city. A bike share system could benefit both residents and visitors by providing a convenient and inexpensive way to get around the city without adding traffic congestion, especially in the peak summer season.
Residents who don’t have the space to store a bike or the need to ride a bike regularly could use the system for recreational rides on the rail trails or for trips to the beach. Residents could also rent bikes to access public transportation, whether the train to Boston or a MEVA bus. Having shared bikes available would broaden the range of options for getting around the city and help residents to control their local transportation costs.
A bike share system would also allow visitors to experience the area’s resources and attractions in an intimate way not possible by car. Cycling through historic neighborhoods and natural preserves is an attraction in and of itself. With a bike share system, visitors arriving in Newburyport by train could rent a bike and enjoy an easy ride downtown or a pleasant trip to Plum Island or Maudslay State Park. A family who comes by car could park and explore the city with its comfortable rail trails.
NLS members have researched other bike share systems from a variety of communities around the country, convened one meeting with City officials and other potential stakeholders, and had conversations with vendors with experience with small bike share programs. They have also looked at the Minuteman Bike Share in Acton and Concord, MA, which could be a model for one here in Newburyport.
Now NLS is reaching out to residents for their thoughts about the concept. How would a bike share program work here in Newburyport? Where would be good spots for stations?
To take the survey, go to It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.
Newburyport Livable Streets is a local nonprofit dedicated to making our streets safer and more comfortable for everyone. NLS works to support and improve the health and well-being of our community through education and advocacy related to transportation infrastructure and policies.

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