Town Elects New SelectBoard Majority

Tuesday May 16, 2023

Town Elects New SelectBoard Majority

GEORGETOWN – In what appears to be a major changing of the guard at the top of town government, the voters here last week ousted a veteran member of the Select Board and elected two new members of the board who are expected to choose a new chair.
Robert Hoover and Rachel Bancroft won election to the board with Hoover receiving the most votes at 801, followed by Bancroft at 641. Incumbent Gary Fowler received 592 votes. Peter Kershaw, the board clerk, did not run for re-election.
The new board is scheduled to meet this week to decide if Douglas Dawes, the current board chair, will retain that post. It will also choose a board clerk.
Amy Smith, a SelectBoard member, said the new Select Board will work to bring the town together, provide transparency of town government and engage in strategic and fiscal planning.
The board will also work in June on making appointments to town boards and commissions. Of particular concern is the town’s Conservation Commission. The previous SelectBoard did not reappoint Laura Repplier and Rebecca Chane, two veteran members of the commission, and filled only one of those seats.
The ConComm also needs a part-time conservation agent to replace Steve Przyjemski, who resigned earlier this year, calling the Town Hall environment “toxic.” He was at odds with the Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco.
Bancroft, who serves on the ConComm in addition to being elected to the SelectBoard, said she expects the meeting this week to reorganize the board to attract a large crowd. “It will be interesting.”
Asked what she plans for the board to work on, Bancroft said she hopes the new SelectBoard can stop the “kneejerk decision making” by the town and fill the boards and commissions with strong people and trust them to be the eyes and ears for the SelectBoard.
Bancroft said she hopes the new majority of the board will work with Smith to bring forward some of her good ideas.

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