Pentucket’s Donaghue School Launches Peer Mentoring Program

Tuesday March 21, 2023

WEST NEWBURY – Superintendent Justin Bartholomew and Principal Stephanie Dembro share that Donaghue Elementary has launched a new Peer Mentor Program.
Kelsey Bille, School Counselor, and Margaret Ford, Special Education teacher, coordinate the Peer Mentor Program.
The Donaghue Peer Mentor Program is designed to strengthen students’ social, communication, and friendship-building skills. Peer Mentors are sixth graders who were selected based on interviews and have received mentor training. They meet and support other students throughout their school day who need encouragement and a positive role model to build their communication and social skills.
The program gives sixth-grade mentors a sense of responsibility by giving them an assigned mentoring schedule and specific classroom roles. Mentors have been working closely with the other students to kick off the program.
Sixth graders who have joined the Peer Mentor program have created relationships with other students and are learning new things from their mentees.
“I enjoy spending time with all the students. They are welcoming, funny, and fun to be with,” said sixth grader Brendan Prescott.
“I enjoy experiencing how different students learn,” said Sabrina Howard. “I also like to learn about how the student’s days differ from mine.”
Students have been able to learn new skills and make new friends through the peer mentor program.
Peer mentors have gained skills that will stay with them as they prepare to enter middle school in the fall.
“It has been amazing to watch the sixth graders get out of their comfort zone and take on such an important role within our school,” said Bille. “As a mentor, they’ve helped students gain confidence and conquer important life and social skills.”
“It has been wonderful to see all of the students flourish,” said Principal Dembro. “Sixth graders have grown as leaders and their mentees have gained confidence in themselves and their social skills because of the relationships they have built with each other!”

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