Mello Expected to Submit New Trash Station Proposal

Tuesday March 21, 2023

GEORGETOWN – G. Mello Disposal Corp. is expected to submit a new application in the coming weeks to the town’s Planning Board for its proposed trash transfer station on Carleton Drive. But it will be limited to 250 tons per day, not 500 tons originally proposed.
The town and Mello, which wants to phase out its current transfer station on Rte. 133, are still waiting for the Massachusetts Courts to rule on the appeal of the Conservation Commission’s denial of a permit for the station.
If the court upholds the ConComm’s denial, the station, no matter its size, cannot be built on the Carleton Road site. But if the commission is overturned by the court, Mello can move forward with its application to build the station under the town’s Major Development Project bylaw.
Town Planner John Cashell said last week that Mello’s attorney Nancy McCann has told the Planning Board that the company will submit a Major Development Special Permit application in the near future.
Mello won the approval of the town’s Health Board, which limited the new trash station to 250 tons per day. The Health Board also restricted operations during rush hour traffic in the morning and evening.
And it ordered Mello to reconstruct the narrow and deteriorating Carleton Drive, which would be the only access for the 18-wheeler trucks and smaller vehicles to the station.
When Associate Justice Kevin Smith of the Land Court overturned the Planning Board’s denial of the station’s application, he said the board cannot deny a Major Development Project and must agree to reasonable conditions.

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