Groveland Police Department Thank Good Samaritan for Returning Checkbook

Tuesday March 21, 2023

GROVELAND – Chief Jeffrey Gillen and the Groveland Police Department would like to acknowledge and thank a good Samaritan from Groveland.
On Wednesday, March 8, Groveland resident, Richard Saulnier, found what appeared to be a checkbook on the side of the road, which contained $7,550 in cash and written checks which brought the total contents to approximately $11,950.
Saulnier immediately took the checkbook and its contents to the Groveland Police station in hopes of finding its rightful owner.
The checkbook was returned to the owner later that same day.
Chief Gillen and the Groveland Police Department would like to commend the efforts of Saulnier for doing the right thing, and returning a checkbook that would have been a major loss for its owner.
“I would like to acknowledge Mr. Saulnier for doing the right thing and bringing the checkbook to the station,” said Chief Gillen. “Our town is comprised of good-hearted and caring people. It is often times we see a different story come from these instances and this just goes to show the kindness our residents have for the people within their community.”

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