Two Newburyport Firefighters Graduate from Massachusetts Firefighting Academy

Tuesday March 07, 2023

Newburyport Firefighters Jake Barlow and Timothy Powers in their graduation photo from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy. (Courtesy Massachusetts Firefighting Academy via Newburyport Fire Department)

NEWBURYPORT — Chief Steve Bradbury is pleased to announce that the Newburyport Fire Department is welcoming two new members to the department following their graduation from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy’s Call/Volunteer Firefighter Recruit Training Program.
Firefighters Jake Barlow and Timothy Powers graduated from the academy’s Call/Volunteer Firefighting Recruit Program Class #120 on Wednesday, March 1.
During the 16-week training, firefighters learned the basic skills they will need when responding to fires, including how to contain and control fires, public fire education, hazardous material incident mitigation, flammable liquid control, stress management, firefighter self-rescue and vehicle extrication.
In order to graduate, firefighters must complete 240 hours of training, all on nights and weekends, while demonstrating proficiency in life safety, search and rescue, ladder operations, water supply, pump operation and fire attack in situations ranging from mailbox fires to multiple-floor or multi-room structure fires.
“I want to congratulate Jake and Tim on their hard work throughout the academy and wish them luck in this next chapter of their careers,” said Chief Bradbury. “We as a department are committed to professionalism and excellence and we are proud of our members for their dedication to the fire service.”

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