Salisbury Beach Carousel Construction and Opening Update

Tuesday March 07, 2023

Salisbury Beach Center New Historical Carousel.jpg

Drive down Broadway at Salisbury Beach Center and the majestic new Historic Carousel building beckons! This summer, inside the stunning octagonal carousel roundhouse, visitors will once again experience the joy of riding a historic carousel.
Slated to open in May 2023, the new complex features:
– a post and beam carousel roundhouse that will be the year-round home to the Salisbury Beach Partnership’s 115-year-old hand-carved Looff Mangels carousel–crafted by the same artisans who built the original Salisbury Beach flying horses
– a boutique function room for private events
– a ride ticket center
– an informational area showcasing beach happenings and limited merchandise
– an innovative micro-branch of a local bank
Currently, the carousel mechanical systems are being fine-tuned by restoration experts at Carousels & Carvings, a one-of-a-kind company based in Ohio that meticulously rebuilds antique carousels. Once completed, the carousel will be carefully assembled to its former glory inside the new pavilion and prepared for opening.
In addition, interior finishes–trim woodwork, flooring, and wall treatments–are nearing completion.
The Salisbury Beach Partnership is excited to be ushering in a new era and tourist attraction at Salisbury Beach, and the Partnership is looking forward to welcoming you!

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