Clark School Opens a Pre-School

Tuesday March 07, 2023

ROWLEY – The Clark School has opened a pre-school and plans to expand over the next few years to care for and educate more than 200 students on its growing campus on Rte. 1 here.
Opened for about a month, the 45-year-old Clark School is “dedicated to providing a nurturing and enriching environment where children ages 2.9 and up can grow and learn.”
The preschool will roll out in three phases with 25 to 30 kids per phase. In phase one, there are 15 students with 10 remaining spots. It is taking reservations for phase 2.
Phase 3 is expected to be in a new building, which should be developed and built within the next two years.
Jeff Clark, the head of the school, wrote: “We did a large survey of preschools with waiting lists in the area. Also with our positioning in between two reasonable size hospital and cross reference that with how many student service programs are in the area. We have also been getting many requests from parents of our enrolled children.”
The school has a current enrollment of 15 students in its pre-school program. The total number of students in kindergarten to 12 grade is 160 students.
The school day for the pre-schoolers is up to five days a week and can run from 7:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. The school is open year-round.
Tuition is $16,500 per year for full-time enrollment. For three days per week, the tuition is $12,375. And for two days per week, the tuition is $10,725.
There is a sibling discount offered by the school. Discounts are also available to full-time students who wish to pay monthly or quarterly.
The Clark School’s philosophy is to provide a comfortable environment and treat kids with respect and kindness.
Clark School offers a wide range of subjects for their students. The classes include cooking, music, gym and dance.
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