Let’s Go Red Hawks

Tuesday January 31, 2023

Red Hawks

Let’s Go Red Hawks
By Ava Moeckel, Reporter
AMESBURY — The Red-tail Hawk is the most widespread Buteo hawk in North America. With talons measuring up to 1.33 inches, they are among the largest and most intimidating hunters. 
The hawk has a wingspan that averages a little over four feet, making it a bird built to soar. Movie directors often use the hoarse screech of adult hawks when showing bald eagles in flight.
Now, the Red-tail, which has eyesight eight times sharper than a human’s, has something new to brag about. Starting this spring, it is the official mascot of Amesbury schools and may take the field for the first time with the high school baseball team.
Amesbury Mayor and School Committee Chairperson Kassandra Gove, an Amesbury high school graduate herself, said the red-tailed hawk is “a prevalent and powerful fixture in our community. The new mascot has local connections and represents strength, pride, fierceness and bravery.”
The mascot selection committee for the School Committee unanimously voted to replace the 75-year-old Indian mascot with the hawk after two student surveys.
It was meant to be, according to school superintendent Elizabeth McAndrews. Last fall, when she saw three different red-tailed hawks on her way to work, “I figured that was kind of an omen. They’re an amazing bird, fierce, majestic, all the things that we want to be” she said.
Among the members of the Mascot Review Committee were Principal Danielle Ricci, Assistant Principal Alina Lingley, staff members, students and their parents, community members and a liaison from the School Committee.

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