Kassner Winning By One Vote

Wednesday December 14, 2022

REGIONAL – If you thought last month that you didn’t have time to vote, but did cast your ballot for Kristin Kassner in the race to represent the Second Essex legislative district, pat yourself on the back.
Kassner, a Democrat and Hamilton resident, trailed incumbent Republican Rep. Lenny Mirra by 10 votes. But when Kassner asked the Secretary of State to have the votes recounted, she picked up 11 votes.
“Indeed, every single vote matters!” Kassner, a Hamilton resident, said in a statement.
Mirra, a resident of Georgetown, whose district was redrawn significantly after the 2020 census, may not be ready to quit. His campaign said it is exploring its legal options and may take action in coming days.
Towns in the district are Newbury, Rowley, Ipswich, Hamilton, Georgetown and Topsfield’s Precinct 1. Mirra had represented only Georgetown and Newbury before.

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