City of Gloucester Ends Ban on Outdoor Water Use

Thursday November 03, 2022

GLOUCESTER – Mayor Greg Verga announces that the City of Gloucester is lifting its ban on all non-essential outdoor water use effective immediately.

The City has enforced some form of water ban for several months to protect the City’s water supply and fire protection ability during persistent drought-like conditions. With the watering season coming to an end and the weather turning colder, the City Administration has determined it is no longer necessary to extend restrictions.

The City’s water capacity remains at just 46 percent, below normal levels for this time of year.

“I want to thank all of our residents for their understanding and cooperation over the past few months regarding the water restrictions. Their actions made a tremendous difference in protecting our water supply and keeping our City safe,” Mayor Verga said. “While restrictions are no longer in place, we want to encourage people to continue to be thoughtful with their water use until our capacity returns to normal levels.”

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