Gloucester Fire Department Reminds Community Of The Importance Of Working Sprinkler Systems

Wednesday October 12, 2022

GLOUCESTER — Chief Eric Smith and the Gloucester Fire Department would like to remind the community of the importance of fire sprinklers, following a recent incident in which sprinklers had a large impact on limiting potential damage.

On Monday, Sept 19. Gloucester Fire was dispatched to a residential building at 93 Prospect St. for a report of a stove fire. Upon arrival, crews determined that a single activated sprinkler head had extinguished the flames.

The sprinklers at this location played a crucial role in preventing the fire from causing more severe damage.

Sprinkler systems should be installed in any commercial or residential building. In the instance of a fire, sprinklers can stop the extension of or completely extinguish the fire.

Without a proper sprinkler system in place, community members can lose thousands of dollars in property damage.

“Sprinklers and alarms help keep fires in check by alerting people of danger to allow them time to escape,” said Chief Smith. “I want to remind community members who rent or own commercial or residential buildings to make sure you have proper sprinkler and alarm systems in place and that all systems are working properly.”

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