The Pelican Intervention Fund Continues The Fight To Save Addicted Men And Women Of Newburyport

Wednesday October 05, 2022

REGIONAL — The Pelican Intervention Fund continues the fight to save addicted men and women with its Celebration of Hope outreach event on Sunday, Oct. 9. The celebration will be from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Newburyport City Hall auditorium, where those who attend can speak to representatives from several different support-related organizations.

Among them will be The Pettengill House, 3 Fold Recovery, the Newburyport Police Department, Learn to Cope and Family Restored, as well as representatives from four of the sober houses the Pelican Intervention Fund supports.

The Pelican Intervention Fund, created by Steven and Kim Keene in 2015, raises money to fund non-profit, 12-step residential sober homes for economically challenged men and women struggling with addiction.

The couple have raised more than $500,000 through mostly individual donations and have helped 108 men and women enter recovery programs. 

“There is hope for those that are struggling with addiction no matter what their path of recovery is,” Kim Keene said. “We will have testimonial speakers sharing their journey and sharing their 12-step programs that they went to and why they found sobriety with that, as well as resources to help those that are struggling, as well as their family members.

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