Commercial Black Sea Bass Limits To Increase On September 15

Thursday September 15, 2022

REGIONAL — This notice serves to remind commercial fishers that the regulatorily enacted open fishing days and trip limits for black sea bass will increase on Thursday, September 15 for the directed fishery. The fishery will be open to harvest and landing seven days per week, with a 600-pound trip limit for fish pots and 300-pound trip limit for other authorized gears, including but not limited to hook and line. These trip limits apply per calendar day or per trip whichever period is longer. These regulations reflect the typical decline in safe boating conditions as fall commences and the need to travel greater distances as the species’ distribution shifts.

The bycatch limit for trawl gear will remain at 100 pounds. The pilot program allowing trawlers to land two daily limits of black sea bass that were lawfully caught and retained over consecutive calendar days remains in effect through September 30.

Unless otherwise revised by the Director, these limits will remain in place until December 31 or when the quota is taken (whichever comes first).

For more information regarding the management of black sea bass in Massachusetts, Visit our website (

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