Manchester-By-The-Sea Public Safety Departments Announce New Dispatch Partnership

Wednesday August 17, 2022

MANCHESTER-BY-THE-SEA — The Manchester-by-the-Sea Public Departments are joining the North Shore Regional 911 Center (NS911) for its emergency dispatch services.

Town officials and representatives from NSR911, signed an intermunicipal agreement on Wednesday, July 26 to effectively move Manchester-by-the-Sea’s dispatch operation to North Shore Regional, which operates under the State 911 Department.

North Shore Regional is the primary dispatch center for police, fire, and EMS services, and currently serves over 70 communities in the North Shore including the neighboring towns of Middleton, Essex, Wenham, Topsfield, and Amesbury.

Manchester-by-the-Sea police department, dispatch, and leadership at NSR911 will be working together to complete the transition over the next several months.

North Shore Regional 911 and Manchester-by-the-Sea are looking forward to their new partnership.

“We would like to announce this partnership with North Shore Regional and State 911, as we work towards the beginning stages of this transition” said Chief Todd Fitzgerald. “Through this partnership our dispatch center will now be centrally located so we can continue to reach all of our residents, and help support our mutual aid partners.”

For more information about North Shore Regional 911 Center visit:

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