Newburyport Bank Sponsors Yankee Homecoming

Wednesday July 20, 2022

NEWBURYPORT – Newburyport Bank has donated $5,000 as a Sponsor of Newburyport’s 2022 Yankee Homecoming.

Yankee Homecoming is a 9-day celebration that will be held in Newburyport from July 30 – August 7. As always, this year’s event will be filled with lots of activities and entertainment. Yankee Homecoming began in 1958 as a crusade to revive appreciation for the heritage and beauty of New England by bringing back natives and visitors to the region’s cities and towns, and it’s been a rousing success. 

“Yankee Homecoming is simply a part of Newburyport”, said Lloyd L. Hamm, President & CEO of the Bank. “Since 1958 this wonderful event has brought so many to our hometown of Newburyport to celebrate the history and wonder of our heritage. There’s so much to see and do for those of all ages. We encourage everyone to go out and support this great celebration of community.”

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