July Programs at the Newburyport Public Library

Wednesday July 20, 2022

NEWBURYPORT—We have a two-part virtual series on FDR that starts on Monday, July 25 at 7 PM. This series is run by Jeffrey Urbin of the Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum. “FDR Museum History Talk: Exploring the Great Depression ” asks what were the economic, social and emotional impacts of the Great Depression? How did the first 100 Days of the New Deal work? On Tuesday at 7 PM, Urbin continues with “FDR Museum History Talk: Understanding the New Deal ”. FDR promised “action, and action now.” Jeffrey will discuss the 3 R’s (Relief, Recovery, Reform), how jobs provided money, identity and personal dignity, the help available through the New Deal for farmers, industry, youth and many others, and paychecks and other physical signs of progress. Register online to receive the Zoom link or call 978-465-4428. 

The Library will host the in-person event “Yankee Homecoming Newburyport’s Clipper Heritage Trail” with Ghlee Woodworth on Saturday, July 30 at 10 AM. Join local historian and author Ghlee Woodworth and enjoy a visual tour of over 60 images upcoming in her Newburyport’s Clipper Heritage Trail. Seats fill up fast!

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