Groveland Water Ban in Response to Level 2 Drought

Wednesday July 13, 2022

GROVELAND – Superintendent Colin Stokes reminds the community that the Groveland Water and Sewer Department issued an outdoor water ban effective June 28 in response to the Commonwealth declaring a Level 2 drought.

Residents are asked to cease all outdoor watering until further notice. The Groveland Water and Sewer Department will notify residents when drought conditions improve.

Elm Park, the Shanahan Soccer Field, and Washington Park have private irrigation wells that are still in use.

Private well owners are not subject to the outdoor water ban, but are asked to consider limiting outdoor water usage because both private and municipal wells tap into the same local water table. 

If private owners join Groveland Water and Sewer customers in limiting outdoor water usage, all water users will have a better chance of avoiding shortages or other negative effects.

“Drought conditions are impacting our entire state, and the more we do here in Groveland to preserve our water supply, the cleaner and more reliable our water supply will be,” said Superintendent Colin Stokes. “We are asking all customers, as well as private well owners, to work with us to reduce Groveland’s water usage by no longer using public water for outdoor watering until further notice.”

For more information on drought status in Massachusetts, visit:

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