Ipswich Launches Online Fiscal Transparency Center

Wednesday July 06, 2022

IPSWICH — The Town of Ipswich announces that it has launched a new online Transparency Center powered by ClearGov, a leading provider of online budgeting and communications software for local governments.

This new online profile provides residents with an easy-to-understand, interactive breakdown of the Town’s finances, as well as insights into demographics and much more. The Transparency Center is also optimized for use by citizens with disabilities who rely on assistive technology, such as screen readers and voice recognition software.

The Town believes that financial and operational transparency is the cornerstone of good government and strong, sustainable communities. The new online Transparency Center empowers citizens to see precisely how funds are generated and allocated, and better understand how the annual budget impacts the community programs and services they care about most. Visitors to the Transparency Center can easily drill down to the line-item level and even view comparative analyses of similar Towns.

In the coming months Town officials plan to expand the profile to include details about Town departments, ongoing capital projects, and more. In time, residents will have a clear window into everything from fiscal health to operational performance and the factors that contribute to economic development. Visitors to the Transparency Center will also be able to subscribe to certain pages to receive automatic email updates as new information becomes available.

“We are proud to have taken this proactive step toward a more open and accessible government and we’re excited to make this Intuitive, user-friendly, and ADA-optimized experience available to our community,” Interim Town Manager Mary Gallivan said. “These days, not everyone has the time to attend public meetings. The Transparency Center will make it easy and convenient for interested residents to stay informed.”

“ClearGov is pleased to partner with the Town of Ipswich to enhance their transparency efforts and drive citizen engagement,” said Chris Bullock, CEO of ClearGov. “Residents should be proud of the leadership Town of Ipswich has demonstrated by embracing innovation and taking that essential next step toward true clarity and accountability in local government.”

Town Accountant Terri White says the best way to learn more about the Transparency Center and the Town of Ipswich finances is to go online and explore. “We strongly encourage residents to visit https://cleargov.com/massachusetts/essex/town/ipswich today to see their tax dollars at work.”

Residents also may visit the Town website: https://www.ipswichma.gov and click on the Ipswich Financial Transparency Portal link.

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