Letter to the Editor

Sunday May 15, 2022

Dear Editor, 

For 17 years now, the Newburyport Literary Festival has brought readers and writers together to share their love of books—their love of words, stories, poems, and information. 

For the 3rd year, we have had to have our festival on Zoom rather than in person. However, it hasn’t diminished its appeal or number of followers. In addition to our wonderful local authors, we hosted authors from Los Angeles, Edinburgh, London, Prague, and Sydney. Being virtual also expands our audience so that readers in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom can all join Newburyporters in the discussion.

We had terrific conversations, great questions, and answers, along with many folks saying how much they were loving the sessions. Audience support and participation is the backbone of these events. We are grateful to each of you who have been with us through these 17 years. 

And we are especially grateful to our founding sponsors: The Newburyport Bank and the Institution for Savings. Additionally, the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Local Cultural Councils of Amesbury, Georgetown, Merrimack, Newbury, Newburyport, and W. Newbury. We are also grateful to our individual donors. And finally, the support from the local media: The Newburyport Daily News, The Morning Show with Mary Jacobson, Local Pulse with Joe DiBiase, The Town Common, and The Record Citizen.

While we have no idea what next year will bring, our hope is that we’ll be able to host “in person” again and that downtown Newburyport will be bustling with readers and authors on festival weekend. We may even add a Virtual Day! 

Thank you to book lovers everywhere

The Newburyport Literary Festival Steering Committee:

Vicki Hendrickson

Jennifer Entwistle

Linda Carpino

Bethany Groff Dorau

Hannah Harlow

Leslie Hendrickson

Sara Kelso

Nana Kennedy

Laura Kopinski

Meg Mitchell Moore

Alfred Nicol

Zara Raab

Giselle Stevens

Skye Wentworth

Betsy Westendorf

Ghlee Woodworth

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