Whittier Tech Seniors Earn Massachusetts Cosmetology License

Wednesday May 11, 2022

HAVERHILL – Superintendent Maureen Lynch has announced that 12 Whittier Tech Cosmetology seniors earned their Massachusetts Cosmetology License this spring.

The following seniors are now licensed to practice Cosmetology in Massachusetts: 

• Angelyna Sarette from Haverhill 

• Emilia Carducci from Groveland 

• Aliyah Carillo from Lawrence

• Paul St. Louis from Haverhill 

• Devon Judson from Haverhill 

• Ana Barrera from Haverhill 

• Abi Winship from Haverhill 

• Carlie Stafford from Bradford 

• Juliana Hammond from Lawrence 

• Madison Efstratios from Bradford 

• Shaye Rampulla from Haverhill

• Carly DeBenedictis from Byfield

To attain their license, students need a minimum of 1,000 hours of practice, which they receive during their time at Whittier. Once they reach the required hours and feel confident in their skill set, students can apply to take the state board exam. 

“I’m very proud of my students, because despite the COVID-19 pandemic and challenges of hybrid and remote learning, all twelve students passed the test on their first attempt,” Instructor Nancy Calverley said. “They have remained resilient and diligent, never losing sight of the end goal: graduating with their licenses. I wish students success as they start building clientele and/or furthering their training in specialized areas of the field.” 

Students practiced on clients in the Whittier Tech Cosmetology Salon, and exceeded the required hours, despite the salon being temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These achievements are a testament to the diligent work of our students done together with their instructors, which has proven our program to be successful in preparing students for licensure and the world beyond Whittier Tech,” Superintendent Lynch said. 

The first half of the test is a practical exam consisting of 16 tasks, which are timed and performed on a live model. Students pack kit items that are disinfected and sanitized to complete the exam. Students are tested on procedures, sanitation and safety, along with other steps that are scored on technique. 

The second half of the test is a written exam, consisting of 100 questions, including 20 pretest questions. Topics covered included regulations and safety, trichology, scalp analysis and shampooing, styling, haircutting, hair color, permanent waving, chemical relaxing, esthetics and nail care.

“I earned my license on Feb. 17. I started at Supercuts in Haverhill earlier this year as part of Cooperative Employment, but with the license, I am now able to earn wages as a stylist rather than just a receptionist,” Carducci said. “This location has offered me a full-time position after graduation. I can’t wait to build my client base and continue on my path as a licensed Cosmetologist.” 

“I earned my license on March 24. I had to prepare my kit ahead of time for all the tasks given the timed exam. I had to recruit my own hair model; my boyfriend’s mother to take the day off and meet in Malden to pass on my first try. I am excited to stay in the industry after graduation and am glad that my training at Whittier Tech gave me this opportunity,” said Stafford, who is currently employed at Divine Design and Spa in Haverhill and is in training as a stylist.

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