Near-Drowning in Merrimack River

Wednesday May 11, 2022

AMESBURY — On Monday, May 9, the Amesbury Fire Department was dispatched to a report of a person struggling in the Merrimack River in the area of Old Merrill Street. 

A passing boater who spotted the individual in the river pulled the person onto a boat and brought to shore. The Amesbury firefighters were able to begin life-saving efforts, including CPR, within 5 minutes of being notified of the incident. 

The victim was taken to Anna Jaques Hospital then transferred by medical helicopter to a regional trauma center for treatment.

Amesbury Police Department, and the Amesbury Harbormaster also responded and provided mutual aid.

“Everyone involved moved really fast and the victim was already out of the water when we arrived, so that was a huge help, and our firefighters went to work right away. Things worked well,” said Deputy Chief James Nolan. “I want to thank all the mutual aid partners who responded with us, as well as the passerby with a boat.”

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