Ipswich Board of Health to Review Best Management Practice Plan for Mosquito Control

Tuesday March 29, 2022

IPSWICH — The Ipswich Board of Health invites the community to attend a meeting and provide feedback about mosquito control efforts in the coming year.

The Town is a member of the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management District, which creates a Best Management Practice Plan for each of its 32 member communities.

The Board of Health will review and vote whether to adopt the Best Management Practice Plan for 2022 as drafted, at its meeting on Monday, April 4, beginning at 5:30 p.m. in Town Hall Room C.

The draft plan may be reviewed by visiting:


NEMMC conducts mosquito control surveillance from the middle of the spring until the beginning of the fall. This includes weekly collection of mosquitos from surveillance traps from late May through early October. Surveillance traps provide data regarding mosquito population density and diversity, and allow the NEMMC to determine the dominant human-biting mosquitoes and potential disease vectors in local mosquitoes.

Infected mosquitoes can spread several diseases, most notably West Nile virus.

The primary focus of control efforts in Ipswich are on freshwater larviciding, catch basin treatments, adult mosquito surveillance and testing, aerial larviciding of the salt marsh mosquitoes, and adulticiding.

“We invite all interested residents to attend this meeting and offer feedback,” Public Health Director Colleen Fermon said. “Public comment is a vital part of this process and will help the Board shape this plan for the coming year.”

For more information on the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management District visit, https://www.nemassmosquito.org

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