Ipswich Thanks Employees, Volunteers for Efforts During COVID-19 Pandemic

Wednesday March 02, 2022

IPSWICH – From June 2021, town-sponsored vaccination clinics led by trained medical professionals delivered 3,080 doses. Town employees performed an array of supporting and logistical tasks in support. Town Manager Anthony Marino and Public Health Director Colleen Fermon wish to thank the employees, individuals, and volunteers who ensured the success of the Town’s COVID-19 outreach for the past two years.

“COVID-19 arrived so quickly that responding effectively was a great challenge,” Town Manager Marino said. “The Town of Ipswich is fortunate to have a committed team of professionals, and such a large group of dedicated volunteers, who worked tirelessly to keep the community safe.”

Town Manager Marino and Director Fermon wish to thank the following:

• The Rev. Tom Keyes and Our Lady of Hope Parish, which generously donated the lower-level space for the Town’s weekly clinics for eight months.

• Mike Woronka of Action Ambulance Service Inc., whose team provided on-site emergency medical services, if needed.

• Dr. Susan Boreri, Ipswich Board of Health member, who served as the Medical Director and provided standing orders so the vaccinations could occur.

• Vaccinators from Northern Essex MRC and other venues, who provided a critical role in tracking changing vaccine approvals for each segment of the population as they became eligible for the primary series doses and then additional and booster doses. The vaccinators were James Downing, Cynthia Brown, Nancy Soucy, Jean Moak, Barbara Kelley, Jen Reed, Barbara Poremba, Jan Lindsay, Chris Winfrey, Deb Watson, and Sandy Nardone.

• Town departments and staff members who provided needed support. The Police Department provided security and traffic control. The IT Department offered software system training and support with Chris Dieter as onsite support. Facilities Department staff John Lombard, Ernest Tarrant, and Bob Hoffman set up and broke down the clinics weekly. The Department of Public Works provided traffic control equipment and a sign board to advertise the clinic location. Lt. Jon Hubbard, Ipswich Emergency Management Director, helped to recruit volunteers from members that serve on the Citizens Emergency Response Team in town, Sheila Taylor, Director of Senior Services, was a major partner in this effort as she dedicated an enormous amount of her time recruiting and scheduling clinic volunteers for eight months.

• The volunteers who filled numerous positions at the clinics which kept the clinics running smoothly: Carrie Adams, Rita Badami, Norma Casali, Pat Dieselman, Marybeth Gerrish, Betsy Kidder, Lucy Martineau, Pat McChesney, Andrea McGurin, Paul McGurin, Peter Morbeck, Charlene O’Neil, Dennis Quinn, Cindy Quinn, Lillian Reilly, Sue Singer, Judith Thurston, Steve Veiga, Nancy Veiga, June Carrani, Beverly Anderson, Steve Tryder, Jack Miniter, Cindy Miniter, Rachel Boss, Christine Reif, Anne Brown and Matthew Jenson.

• Public Health Department employee Rich Berube, who served as the alternate Clinic Manager.

• The town’s unsung hero, Health Inspector John Morris. Morris took on an additional role in June 2021 and served as the Clinic Manager, training staff and volunteers. He worked tirelessly to make sure the clinics operated seamlessly each week.

“We are indebted to our staff and volunteers for making sure that anyone who wanted a vaccine could receive one,” Director Fermon said. “Their dedication and commitment deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration.”

The Town will be thanking those who assisted the COVID-19 vaccination clinics at a party on Monday, March 21, from 4-6 p.m. at the Council on Aging Cafeteria, lower level, 25 Green St.

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