Success of Whittier Tech’s Adult Education program

Wednesday February 09, 2022

Photo Courtesy Whittier Tech State Rep. Andy Vargas during Whittier Tech’s Adult Education Basic Woodworking class.

HAVERHILL – Superintendent Maureen Lynch reports the recent success of Whittier Tech’s Adult Education program and wishes to share stories about the personal and professional successes of adult learners.

The Whittier Tech Adult Education Program, also known as Whittier at Night, allows adult learners to pursue certifications and training in high-demand job sectors, or learn a new skill for personal growth. This semester, more than 400 students are enrolled in the program.

The program offers courses in the plumbing and electrical fields that prepare students to obtain their Apprentice, Journeyman and Master licenses. Courses are taught by licensed instructors who offer instruction from the Massachusetts Code and Tiered requirements for licensure.

Student John Paul Gallagher, who is a former professional soccer player, decided to transition his career to plumbing.

“Whittier offers a great class for the price. It is a huge service to the community to offer a plumbing night class at almost half the price of all area schools while still offering the same high level of education,” Gallagher said.

Whittier Tech day program alumni from the plumbing and electrical fields are able to advance in courses more quickly than non-alumni due to their experience. 

“I graduated from Whittier in 2021 from the plumbing shop and immediately started night class. The transition from high school to night class was made very simple because I have the same teacher in night class as I did my senior year. My high school teachers gave me the knowledge I needed to confidently enter night class and continue my learning journey,” said Nolan Mann, a 2021 graduate of Whittier Tech.

Additionally, the program offers non-credit exploratory courses, including Basic Woodworking and Basic Masonry.

State Rep. Andy Vargas, who represents Haverhill, is currently enrolled in Basic Woodworking.

“Evening classes at Whittier Tech are such a privilege and asset to our community. I’m taking the carpentry course to engage in a productive non-political activity, which will sharpen my skills around the house,” Rep. Vargas said. “For me, the class is my weekly reset and I’m enjoying it so far. I’m hoping to build a dining room table.”

The Adult Education Program also offers cosmetology, a 1,000-hour course that takes approximately one year to complete. The course is taught by two instructors working to train the next generation of stylists and give students the tools to successfully achieve a Massachusetts Cosmetology Licensure.

All courses are offered at a low cost due to Whittier Tech’s status as a public education site.

“I came to Whittier Tech and graduated with a degree in HVAC, but soon after decided that I wanted to pursue plumbing. Whittier offered the best price for night class in the area, which made the transition from HVAC into the plumbing very simple and put me on the right path to getting my Journeyman license,” said Justin Libby, a 2018 graduate of Whittier Tech. 

In addition to these courses, Whittier Tech is hoping to add more courses for the Fall 2022 semester, including:

• HVAC licensure program

• The certified nursing assistant program

• The oil burner certification

• Air conditioning or refrigeration certification 

For more information about Whittier’s Adult Evening Education program, including how to sign up for next semester, please email, call 978-373-4101 ext. 215 or visit the school’s website

“We offer a variety of courses for all types of learners, and we are always so pleased to see students advance in either their professional or personal lives. Whether you are working towards a license, or just want to learn a new skill, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about how to enroll next semester,” Superintendent Maureen Lynch said.

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