Essex Tech Awarded Math Acceleration Academies Grant

Wednesday February 09, 2022

Hathorne – Essex Tech has received a state grant that will support expanded math education through engaging, hands-on learning experiences.

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education awarded the District $80,000 to create a math-focused Acceleration Academy for about 80 students during the February and April breaks.

Class sizes of 10 to 12 will allow instructors to tailor lessons to individual student needs. The academies will target select standards and offer project-based learning opportunities that are rigorous and grade-level specific.

Teachers will identify students in Grades 9 and 10 who could be supported by additional math instruction. Those students will be invited to sign up. Should openings remain, the School may open registration to other Grade 9 and 10 students regardless of math level.

Selected students will receive four hours of math instruction each day. The academy also will include one hour of an enrichment-related activity each day.

Transportation, breakfast, and lunch are included.

“This grant is most welcome. Math is a cornerstone skill in any career path. Essex Tech is committed to finding every academic resource for our students to increase their skills, so that they leave the school prepared,” Superintendent Heidi Riccio said.

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